Our customer runs a ready-mix concrete plant. The pan mixer had to be cleaned regularly, especially in the summer months, due to heavy caking, which took around 1.5 hours. A final cleaning, also lasting 2 hours, was carried out at the end of work. As manual cleaning is very labor-intensive and entails enormous risks in terms of occupational safety, our customer opted for the high-pressure cleaning system – easy cleaner – from PUCEST.

With a duration of 1 minute for intermediate cleaning and 4 minutes for final cleaning, we were able to reduce the daily cleaning time by 1.5-2 hours. The system works with 150 bar at the cleaning heads and 200 bar at the hand lance. As the nozzles are only driven by the water pressure, no additional electric drive is required. The nozzles also rotate simultaneously at the start of the washing program, so that a uniform cleaning pattern is achieved. The 3D nozzle system also saves a considerable amount of water.