The PUCEST-Wear Protection

What does wear protection mean?

The production of constructions materials is harsh and loud. Thousands of tons of stones, cement, aggregates and water are transported into huge containers, where they are mixed and then emptied again.

The containters, conveyor belts and mixing plants are exposed to the most extreme conditions day by day. The coarse and hard stone and gravel particles rub against the containers which are made of metal or ceramics. Even the stongest steel and the hardest ceramics are exposed without any protection against attacks of impact, abrasion and grinding.

This results in an enormous wear of the relevant parts and in major damages resulting therefrom. These damages can cause a massive economic damage by breakdown and downtimes.


The solution: PUCEST protection wear

PUCEST protection wear parts with different characteristics for various functional purposes, offer a long-lasting protection of valuable components of conveying and mixing systems, which allows to keep the costs as low as possible.

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(Quesitonnaire protection wear)

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Repairs made easy

Wear and tear of material never occurs evenly distributed over the surface, but at particularly exposed locations where abrasion and stress are at their greatest. This leads to isolated damages that can grow quickly unless they are repaired as soon as possible.

The PUCEST-System can be easily fixed with relatively littel effort.
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