PUCEST – The „Troubleshooter”

The medium-sized company PUCEST protect arose from the privately owned company „Detlef Bauer – Technical Wholesale in the field of mixing and conveying systems“. The products and services are geared towards the needs of producing companies with the core competence focusing on innovative new developments.

PUCEST are characterized by excellent mechanical properties and achieve outstanding lifetimes. Within years of research the composition of PUCEST was optimized to meet the demands of excessive wear and supplement to rubber, steel, ceramics or PE in the field of protection wear.

The sophisticated innovative products are completely coordinated with the demands of the industry and are developed for the real problem solving. No matter whether wear protection panels or with perforated plate interlining for coating of containers or funnels, through lining, loading- and discharge-hoses or the cleaning system „easy cleaner“ – the comany’s products cover a wide range of applications. Besides protection wear it includes both mixing technique, cleaning technology and the service.

The wear and tear solutions offered are not only standarized but also customized solutions created both by specifications and by consulting the company’s own technical field service. Additionally to the products, we offer a wide range of services related to production facilities and maintenance work.

Continous testing of anti-wear solutions under the conditions of daily use is an essential aspect of the quality standards provided by PUCEST protect.