Cost savings due to simple and faster cleaning

Plant part concerned: Forced pan mixer

Produced / conveyed materials: Ready-mixed concrete

Reason for repair / installation: Frequent defects / mixing intensity


Einge­setz­tes PUCEST Produkt: Universalmischarm / PU-Boden


Due to too high axial forces, we had too many defects on drive chains and bearings of the mixing tools or whirlers. Mixing intensity was not satisfactory.

Experience with previously used materials prior to the use of PUCEST:

Extremely fewer repairs, service life extension, cost saving, better faster cleaning, easy fast renewal of wear parts, better mixing intensity due to PU bottom, less caking

Improvement / facilitation through the use of PUCEST:

Easy quick cleaning, cost saving approx. 4.000,00 € / year.