The bulk hopper & feed hopper is fed with material by wheel loaders. The material is discharged by a belt conveyor. We received the order to completely line the hopper to prevent greater wear. We tackled the task with PUCEST panels and round corners. First, residual material was removed and the hopper was cleaned. For the exact fit lining, templates were created and transferred to our PUCEST plates. The panels can be perfectly cut with a jigsaw. After the first fixtures, which are simply screwed in place as shown in the pictures, were backfilled with gravel to provide a standing surface for further processing.

The PUCEST “round corner” is as simple as screwing in the panels. Now the intervening surfaces were covered with PUCEST panels. Pour gravel again and continue the installation. The PUCEST round corners and panels can be joined together seamlessly. The result is a fully lined feed hopper with which our customer has now been very satisfied for over 3 years.