High performance channel liner one-piece


Significant increase in service life and reduction of maintenance costs and malfunctions.

Problem description:

In the field of feldspar and sand drying, the wear lining of the balancing conveyor troughs is replaced regularly, at least once a year, using 8mm thick PU wear material from another manufacturer. This is connected with an enormous expenditure since these plates must be bent first to a trough, thereby a large expenditure of time results.

An additional problem is also the 85°C high material temperature. The majority of PU wear protection manufacturers cannot supply a suitable product for this. With this problem we approached the company PUCEST, who took on this task.

With the PUCEST High Performance Channels we were able to carry out the first test linings. Since the installation about 1.5 years ago, the gutters are almost wear-free until today. After only one year we decided to use these trough linings also on the other balancing troughs.

Trial start:

PUCEST High Performance gutter liners with a material thickness of 12mm were installed on 25/04/2019:

Expense, material PUCEST panels + installation = 3918,55€.

These are still in use today and have almost no wear, after almost three times the service life.

Previously installed wear lining after approx. 6-7 months

Installation date: 25.04.2019

Last controls on 14.09.2020


Savings from the date of installation on a balancing conveyor trough to date over €5000.00.