User report on hybrid plate for conveyor troughs

The conveyor chute now lined with the hybrid plate on 06.05.2015 is used to separate shredded electronic scrap in the range 0-22mm.

There we had great difficulties with adhesions of fine partly also magnetic materials. We had to remove the deposits from this chute at regular intervals, as otherwise the material was conveyed very unevenly.

On the plate now used, this “crust” gradually comes off by itself. In this way, we were able to reduce our maintenance effort, and as an additional advantage we were able to notice a noise reduction. Due to this noise-reducing effect, we are also considering converting the gutters on the coarse line (>22mm).


Our experience after now 11 months of use.

The wear is minimal as can be seen in the photo, also the visible adhesions dissolve as already described last year with time independently. We have this gutter also until today no longer have to clean!