Our customer’s hopper was not lined. Due to the structure of the metal sheets, material residues were accumulating and solid caking was formed. We received the order to completely line the hopper to prevent major wear. We took on the task with our PUCEST panels with perforated metal inlay.

The first step was to remove any remaining material and clean the hopper. Templates were created for the precisely fitting lining and transferred to our PUCEST panels. The panels can be cut to size perfectly using a jigsaw. After the first installations, which are simply screwed together as shown in the pictures, the installation is carried out quickly and cleanly. Now the surfaces in between were clad with PUCEST panels. The gaps and joints between the panels are glued and sealed with our PUCEST TIX filler.

The result is a fully lined funnel with which our customer no longer has any problems with caking.