PUCEST Hexagon Protector

User report

Pucest Hexagon Protector for grit sizes 0-8mm,
Pucest plate t=20mm, 85sh

Application: Quartz sand plant
Place of application: Sand drying

In our fluidized bed dryer for silica sand, mixed sand fractions with a grain size of 0.4mm – 8.0mm are dried. Due to the sharp-edged grain structure, all parts in contact with the material are subject to extreme wear. In the outlet chute of the dryer to the discharge conveyor, a temperature load of approx. 80°C is also added by the dried sand.

The last lining installed was 5mm thick Wear-resistant steel sheet. The Wear-resistant steel plate had a service life of 5 months, and the outer construction of the gutter had already been ground through.

Due to the subsequent screening, it was agreed to build up a material bed to allow “sand on sand” to slide.

In this case the Hexagon Protector from Pucest was used. The Hexagon Protector was installed for grit sizes of 0-8mm and 12mm thickness, the side walls of the gutter were lined with a Pucest wear plate with 20mm thickness and 85 Shore hardness.

Lower wear plate (l) and carrier plate cut out (r)
Lining the gutter

The positive effect of the material bed has an impact not only on wear, but also on the temperature transferred to the supporting structure.

The Pucest lining was installed on 18.09.2016, and no wear was detected during the semi-annual inspection on 13.03.2017 and on 17.09.2017.

As a result of these extremely positive experiences, the Hexagon Protectors were placed in stock at our company and installed in other plant components where grade purity is not required. Also with positive experiences.