PUCEST funnel

Hopper at the collection point for fly ash, sewage sludge and water. Flow rate is 30 big bags per day, each containing 700 kg mix of fly ash, sewage sludge, water and non-combustible residues.

Problem: Sticking and caking of the bulk material on the hopper, which can only be removed by manual loosening (hammer, chisel) of the mass after 3-4 fillings. This leads to a standstill of 15 minutes every hour.

Solution: PUCEST® protect designs and produces a free hanging hopper made of Pucest 85° Shore. The inherent vibrations of the falling bulk solids independently loosen the buildup and caking of the hopper. The downtime every hour caused by manual cleaning is eliminated.

Result: The only cleaning of the day takes place with the help of a high-pressure cleaner after the end of the shift. A time saving of almost 3 hours per day, which the staff can use for the actual tasks. Target met. After 7 months in operation, no wear is visible. The purchase of a second hopper of the same design is being considered.