Field report PUCEST® Funnel Liner

Application: Concrete discharge hopper
at the ready-mix concrete loading to the truck mixer via hose nozzle Annual throughput: approx. 40,000 cubic meters

Fast and high wear of the rubber lining used, which had to be replaced at least every 5-6 months.
The rubber sheets had become swollen and worn over their surface due to the use of formwork oil and mixer protection.


PUCEST® protect lined the hopper and hose spout with PUCEST® plate segments in 2014, supplemented with a PUCEST® concrete discharge hose.


The hopper with PUCEST® lining has now been in use for more than 4 years and is still working perfectly after meanwhile approx. 160,000 cubic meters of throughput (see photo).

So far – compared to the previously used rubber lining – this has already saved at least 8 replacement actions with the associated maintenance and downtimes and enormous costs!

Due to the positive experiences we have meanwhile used funnel linings, sleeves, concrete discharge hoses from PUCEST® among others in all plants for wear-intensive applications.

Further applications will follow!