PUCEST® impact beams:

Cost savings with sustainable wear protection

Actual situation and problems in 2015:

  • • Use of rubber impact beams in the scrap feed hopper of a foundry with an annual throughput of approx. 25,000 tons. Feeding takes place by means of a magnetic plate at a drop height of approx. 1.50 to 2 meters.
  • • Purchase, cutting and installation of the rubber impact bars every 2 years

Our suggestion: use custom-made PUCEST® impact bars

Scrap feed hopper: material drop height 1.5 m 

rubber impact beams after 2 years

Due to the very good experience with PUCEST® vibro inner linings, we decided to convert to PUCEST® impact beams, which were installed at the beginning of August 2017.

Conversion to 52 custom-made PUCEST® impact beams in 2017

Installation of PUCEST® impact beams


Installation of PUCEST® impact beams

The PUCEST® impact beams are made to measure and supplied in advance including installation materials. This means that replacement can be carried out at short notice by the customer without any long lead times previously required for cutting rubber impact beams to size.

After 2.5 years in use, the PUCEST® impact beams showed significantly less wear compared to the rubber impact beams previously used, which had to be replaced after just 2 years due to full-surface abrasion.

After the 4th year of use, the result was clear:

Rubber impact beam after 2 years

PUCEST® impact beams double their service life after 4 years and save 1 time the cost of dismantling and assembly!


The set goal of realizing further cost savings potential was once again achieved in this case. Solving further wear protection tasks with PUCEST® is firmly planned by us and will be successively implemented!