PUCEST material guide

Heidelberger Beton Kurpfalz GmbH & Co. KG | Mr. Arthur Borth

The company Heidelberger Beton operates a ready-mix concrete plant at the Mannheim site. Every day, 200 m³ of concrete are produced.

Since the aggregates were not properly guided on the weighing belt beforehand, contamination occurred as can be seen in the following pictures as well as directly under the belt on the floor. This had to be removed by our employees once a week.

Since the PUCEST material guide has already been installed in the other ready-mix concrete plants with great satisfaction, we have again decided to use the PUCEST material guide. This is bolted to the side guide plates in the upper area due to the cast-in perforated steel plate. The skirt attached at the bottom without reinforcement seals the belt so that the material to be conveyed is evenly distributed and does not escape over the sides. Contaminants only have to be cleaned once a month.

The use of the material guide has made our day-to-day work much easier.