Field report – Pucest plate 65shore 25mm (2mm perforated plate)

Project: Rotary chute (surcharge feeding)
Material: 0-2 Sand
2-8 Gravel (round grain)
8-16 Gravel (round grain)
16-32 Gravel (round grain)

In our concrete plant, there have always been problems with the rotary chute wearing out too quickly. The rotary chute is used here as a transfer point between the rising belt and the aggregate silo. For our concrete production we mainly process sand and round aggregate in the sizes 0-2, 2-8, 8-16, 16-32. Occasionally, chippings in the different sizes are also required.

A wide variety of materials have already been tested as linings.

  • 20er rubber lining with ceramic plates at the main impact points.
  • A PU 90shore 2cm thick without metal insert (other manufacturer).
  • Wear resistant steels with and without hardfacing.

All these materials had an approximate service life of 180,000t. The main problem with wear is that the material swirls a lot when it hits and flows down the chute.

Rubber coating
PU 90 20mm (other manufacturer)
Wear-resistant steel (was later further armored)

Currently we are using a Pucest format board 65shore 25mm thick with 2mm perforated plate. This was cut into individual segment pieces for sides and back on site and mounted in the turning chute.

30.12.2016 Installation
Control 19.01.2018

Until 19.01.18 (see picture), approx. 126,000t of material have flowed through the rotary chute and no wear is visible yet.

Currently (07.2018) there are approx. 184,000t of material. At this point, the other materials used were already totally worn out. The PUCEST material, on the other hand, has shown virtually no wear to date.


Based on the experience we have already gained, we are convinced of this material for the application.
Since we also use other products from PUCEST, which also work very well, we are very satisfied with the general quality and will also use PUCEST in other applications in the future.