New PUCEST step plate has proven itself

Step plates test phase marl hall

Site in Höver briefly in figures

Almost 10,000 t of raw material per day,
Annual production: approx. 1.5 million t
Aggregate size 0 – 120 mm
Requirement: 100 % reliable plant availability

Conveyed in all weather conditions and seasons, continuously without plant shutdowns

Repair and maintenance shutdowns:
Only three weeks of maintenance and revision per year

Too fast and high abrasive wear at the belt transitions.

All common polyurethane and rubber makes in different colors were tested.

If an interim replacement of the worn baffle plates was necessary, this could only be carried out at the weekend. (Higher personnel costs!!!)

Premature abrasive wear on the main impact zones

Here was installed a red rubber – service life, until the plate had a hole, was about 4 weeks. Around this hole, material caking occurs additionally and even more strongly.

Moist conveyed material tends to caking in every transition and builds up.

Increased cleaning effort is the result.

If cleaning is not carried out regularly, the material caking forms a bridge to clogging and malfunction!

PUCEST step plate test phase

  • One year of production is over: time to present a result.
  • Application: Discharge distribution tower and marl hall for raw material.
  • High abrasive load with different grain sizes, dry and wet 0-120mm.
  • A result, which can be seen (see following pictures):
Belt speed: 2.2 m/s
Grain size: 2-120mm
Per minute approx.
9.6 t are literally hurled against each other.
Current condition of a PUCEST step plate after one year of production: Almost no wear!!!
When the material is wet, the cakings fall out of the plate again once they reach a certain thickness and weight – the plate virtually cleans itself!

Our conclusion

  • Easy assembly, even during initial installation
  • Long service life
  • Self-cleaning
  • Regular time-consuming and expensive cleaning is no longer necessary (only short visual inspections)
  • The cost-benefit analysis showed an absolutely positive result

Further use of PUCEST products is already implemented and in planning:
since July 2015 a PUCEST side guide has been installed at the raw gypsum feed: works perfectly without wear!
since November 2017 a total of 14 step plates are already in use – more will follow!