The bearings of the arms are worn out and the rotor has been damaged by concrete penetration. A repair with original parts would not only be very expensive, it would also be difficult to procure and would have very long delivery times. Our customer asked us for a quick and cost-effective solution.

The solution is the PUCEST universal mixing arm.

The mixing arms, spring elements, adjusting levers and the remaining parts are removed from the rotor. The arm bushings are closed with a plate. The adapter plates are welded on. The bracket, like the spring unit, is only attached with four screws. The arm and the mixing blades are fitted. Almost a new mixer is created in no time at all.

The advantages over the old version are convincing: no agitator arm bearings through which concrete penetrates and paralyzes the springs. No springs that can break. An arm that can be turned in any direction to achieve optimum mixing results. To achieve faster clearing, a clearing bar can also be fitted without any problems. None of the parts require more than 15 minutes to be replaced. Easy adjustment of the mixing arms and paddles allows the operator to do this in between. Optimally adjusted mixing tools mean less cleaning work and less wear on the bucket and floor.

The result:

Extremely few repairs, extended service life, cost savings, quick and easy replacement of wearing parts, better mixing results and significantly less caking.