Application: Gravel plant

In our gravel plant we always had problems with the impact area when discharging 16/32 grain size, which, due to the design, only occurred on the belt. Approximately 50,000 t of this grain size are mined there each year. The impact area had to be repaired or replaced several times a year. Various methods were tried, from thick rubber to wear plates. The wear plates were not allowed to be very strong so as not to endanger the statics of the conveyor belt. Since 04.2016 we have installed a PUCEST® step plate there. The weight and workability of this plate met our expectations. The costs were also manageable.

Since then, approx. 30,000 t of material have been recovered and the PUCEST® Step Plate shows very low wear in the impact area. With the installation of the PUCEST® Step Plate we have achieved material and time savings at acceptable initial costs. We would choose it again and again.