Our current patient was a ring trough mixer with a cracked rotor and completely embedded clamping and spring elements. The customer was unable to obtain a new rotor quickly. Installing a new mixer was out of the question for reasons of time and cost. So we took on the matter. We only had a photo of the cracked rotor as it had already been scrapped when we took measurements on site. Our technicians completely measured the cleared mixer. A completely new rotor including a PUCEST® universal mixing arm could now be designed and manufactured using 3D construction.


A defective gearbox was also found during the dimensional survey and chiselling of the drive, which was quickly dismantled by our service technicians and brought to our headquarters in Elsenfeld for further damage diagnosis. The gearbox was dismantled and the bearings were completely replaced.


A short time later, the conversion of the mixer began on site. Our service technicians arrived at the customer’s premises with a prefabricated rotor and repaired gearbox, and the gearbox and rotor were installed.


The rotor was completely assembled from scratch in a very short time, including welding and turning work for perfect concentricity. It goes without saying that the rotor was fitted with our tried-and-tested PUCEST® universal arm system.


Adapter plates have now been welded to the rotor, which are used to attach the new bracket and the mixing arms. The spring, which previously had its place in the rotor, now sits in the mixer’s mixing arm, protected from external influences. The advantage is obvious: no concrete can penetrate and paralyze the springs.

Corrosion and constant readjustment of the springs is also a thing of the past, as the new spring element in the mixing arm is made of PUCEST® material and the spring is always preset to the optimum spring force. The mixer arms can be turned in any direction and thus contribute to a satisfactory mixing result.

They enable optimum adjustment and replacement times, allowing the system operator to replace the blades at short notice. None of the parts require more than 15 minutes to replace. Optimally adjusted mixing tools mean less cleaning work and less wear on the blades and floor.

The use of universal blading optimizes the mixing result and reduces wear on the blades, mixer floor and outer wall. An optimized mixing process can also achieve a favorable mixing time, which in turn improves the utilization of the mixer.

Our customer was extremely satisfied with the solution of a rebuild, the alternative of installing a new mixer would have been many times more expensive.
PUCEST offers a wide range of mixing tools for different applications, such as PUCEST blades with carbide edges or different scraper blades.

Thanks to our mixer service from a single source, we were able to bring the mixer back to life within a very short time and give our customer absolute added value in his daily tasks.

Mixer life saved!!!!