Use of PUCEST in the vibro-press process

In our vibro-press manufacturing process for the production of concrete light wells, the tops are pressed in with the help of a hardened steel top sleeve. This top sleeve, with dimensions of 100 x 50 cm, has a price of 4500,00 € and must be replaced every 2 months (approx. 3000 cycles).

Apart from the price and the long delivery time, the noise was a big factor. We started the experiment and sprayed a top sleeve with PUCEST. After we found that the effect was super (no more buildup and clean surfaces), we contracted PUCEST protect to manufacture these top sleeves.

Current situation

  • Price for new upper sleeve: 1200,00 €
  • Holding time: 10000 cycles
  • Noise level: decreased by 20 Db