Wear protection from Pucest for a vibratory feeder

2 layer lining segments with yellow wear protection indicator 85° Shore.

To the wear material: first and foremost, significant increase in service life and reduction of maintenance costs and malfunctions.

Problem description (figures / data / facts):

In the wet processing section of a conveyor trough, the wear lining made of 6mm thick wear steel is renewed regularly, at least once a year.

The problem in addition was also that it was not easy to see when would be the optimal time to change. In most cases, one waited until the wear plates were worn through and sometimes the gutter also had to be repaired. Expenditure per year on average 3126,52€ on the last 10 years from 2010 to 2020. Related only to wear plates or repair with direct connection.

Trial start:
On 17.12.2017 the Pucest 2 layer lining segments with yellow wear protection indicator were mounted as a test.
Total thickness of 20mm, of which the upper layer in red with 13mm thickness and 7mm in yellow the wear protection indicator.
Expenditure, material PUCEST panels 2304,85€ + assembly 456,00€. = 2760,85€
These are still in use today and have virtually no wear.
Installation date: 17.12.2017
Last control on 14.03.2020


Savings from the date of installation until now over 6000,00€.