PUCEST Mixing machine protection agent

PUCEST® MS-2 prevents sticking of concrete and cement grout to machines and devices. The available corrosion inhibitor sticks to the metal
surface and covers them with a uniform coating. Thus, rough cleaning with a hammer or grinding devices is not necessary. The protection agent
is uniformly spread on the surface with the help of a thin brush, a brush or a dispenser after the cleaning and on wet basis or before the machine
operation. After the end of operation the machines and devices are sprayed and cleaned with water.

Application example

impacts of the wrong mixer protection on PUR parts and rubber parts in the mixer

The application

The result

Advantages of the PUCEST mixer protection

  • Prevents sticking of concrete and cement grout to the cement-mixers, pumps, concrete mixer trucks, construction trucks etc.
  • Simplifies cleaning and substantially extends the equipment lifetime
  • Doesn’t enter into any kind of chemical reactions with concrete
  • Prevents dents, scratches and other damages. The effect may be intensified if used together with PUCEST® TIX protection agent.
  • Saves time necessary for repair, saves time and money
  • Corrosion-resistant and conserving
  • Eliminates even rigid blooming which can’t be removed with help of daily cleaning after operation
  • Can be applied even if the surface is still wet
  • Able of fast biological decomposition and is not regarded as a dangerous cargo

Doesn’t influence the normative concrete compressive strength

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