The PUCEST Hexagon-Protector series

This PUCEST®-Hexagon-Protector works on a simple principle:
Some of the conveyed material is collected in the hexagon formed catch trays of the impact ( baffl e) protector and thereby forms wear protection with the conveyed material. The wear effect is slowed signifi cantly. Another advantage of the impact (baffl e) plate is given by its elasticity. Coarse grained material (for example, gravel) does not split on impact.

The plate size amounts to 500 x 1000 mm

Pucest protect GmbH Hexagon Protector
UCEST Hexagon-Protector für Körnung 0 - 8 mm

PUCEST Hexagon-Protector
for grit 0 – 8 mm

PUCEST Hexagon-Protector XL für Körnung 0 - 16 mm

PUCEST Hexagon-Protector XL
for grit 0 – 16 mm

PUCEST Hexagon-Protector XXL für Körnung 0 - 32 mm

PUCEST Hexagon-Protector XXL
for grit 0 – 32 mm

Advantages of resetting to PUCEST®:

  • Short downtime for the replacement of damaged parts
  • High wear resistance

Application range

Anwendung des PUCEST Hexagon-Protector
Anwendungsbeispiel des PUCEST Hexagon-Protector

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