The PUCEST Shaft and traverse saver

Advantages of PUCEST shaft and traverse protectors

  • pperfect protection for your shaft
  • very wear resistant because of it is made of PUCEST®
  • easy and quick installation using Spax fi xing, no long hours of the ground preparation are necessary
  • almost all lengths and diameters are available

Application example

Protective pipe of the eccentric and the traverse inside of separating plant is subject to substantial wear and its working durabilityis often  predictable. The replacement or repair of these protective pipes is oftenvery complex and that’s why it can raise significant costs and production downtimes. Also covering / pasting with anti-wear rubber matsor something like this is very expensive and cumbersome, since considerable expenses incur whenpipe cleaning before pasting. Furthermore, the surface in case of exchange isalso removed very tedious.

The new PUCEST® shaft savers are not subject to this laborious installation. The saversare twisted roundthe cleaned axle or pipeand they are fixed using screws attached to the savers. Savers manufactured of PUCEST® 85 are extremely wear resistant and they are very easy to install and very user friendly. The savers are delivered in almostany diameter and thickness.

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