PUCEST Funnel linings

Funnel linings in different versions

Due to the integrated perforated sheet insert made of aluminum, the segments can be easily deformed manually, adapted to the funnel and screwed together. A later maybe necessary repair of a damaged position is recognizable through the emergence of the perforated sheet. It is by means of the PUCEST® TIX spackle overhauled quickly and cost-saving.

Trichterauskleidung aus PUCEST Platten

funnel lining consisting of individual segments with perforated sheet insert made of aluminum

Trichterauskleidung aus vorgewalzten PUCEST Platten

Hopper lining made of pre-rolled PUCEST plates with steel perforated plate insert.

Trichterauskleidung als geschlossenes verschweißtes Inlay im Filtertütenprinzip.

Funnel lining as a closed welded inlay using the filter bag principle.

The PUCEST hopper linings can be repaired by your employees themselves at any time with the PUCEST Tix filler at a reasonable cost and without much work.

Example of use

Complete bar hopper with PUCEST lining made of segments with aluminum perforated sheet insert.

Trichterauskleidung Pucest Material

A look inside the installed hopper. The splash guard mounted on site at the top edge was also made of PUCEST.

Hopper lining made of individual segments with aluminum perforated sheet insert.

Trichterauskleidung aus PUCEST Platten

Hopper liner made of PUCEST plates with perforated plate insert and non-stick effect.

PUCEST Auffangtrichter an einer Bandübergabe.

PUCEST collection hopper at a belt transfer.

Stabtrichterauskleidung aus PUCEST Platten

Bar hopper lining made of PUCEST panels with loading chute and inlay.

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