The signal wear protection plate

The perfect wear monitoring

The wear protection plate with an integrated yellow Exchange signifier.

Stop with unplanned plant shutdowns and costs for standstills.

Our innovative development offers you not only a fi rst-class wear protection, but signalizes also the upcoming replacements in due time, especially at positions where it is diffi cult to see the thickness of the lining.

PUCEST Signalverschleißschutzplatte

Advantages of the PUCEST signal wear protection plate

  • no more unforeseeable plant shutdowns
  • long standing times due to the high wear resistance
  • good abrasion resistance
  • resistant against humidity, oils, fats, mixer protectors
  • low temperature sensitivity
  • it is no problem to mill, roll or edge the plates for the desired purpose
  • quick exchange of worn out plates
  • easy screwing with the base plate
Pucest protect GmbH Signalverschleißschutzplatte

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