The PUCEST material directional elements for conveyors

The PUCEST® material directional elements for conveyors protect the cornering of the tapes and ensure a steady fl ow of material. It is a combination of PUCEST® sheets with and without a perforated plate.

Perforated plates are used for attachment and stabilization. The pure PU-part has through its tension a light contact with the conveyor belt and it is self-adjusting, so that no material falls down to the left and to the right.
The wear protection can be combined together with other PUCEST® panels with any height and length

(1) PUCEST® wear plates in 55°-90° shore hardness (material flow)

(2) PUCEST® wear plates with cast-in metal reinforcement for fastening (adjusting)

(3) Adherent PUCEST® wear streamlining without metal insert for the protection of the lining of the conveyor belt.

Example of use

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