The PUCEST body liner

The advantages of PUCEST® body liner

  • Easy installation
  • Extremely wear resistant
  • Very good sliding properties
  • Repairable by PUCEST® TIX
  • Custom producing

Abrasion according to DIN ISO 4649, DIN 53 516

Pucest protect GmbH Muldenauskleidung
PUCEST Muldenauskleidung Anwendung
PUCEST Muldenauskleidung Anwendung LKW

Our recommendation: PUCEST® 65 ° Shore in 15mm

The repairable PUCEST® body Liner can be delivered in any desired design. The lining consists of perforated plate segments that can be screwed, edged and also can be rolled. Later possible washouts may be repaired at any time using PUCEST® TIX.

The sheets can be delivered using perforated steel sheet device or using light and by hand deformable aluminum plate devices.

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