PUCEST Loading hoses and Discharge hoses

PUCEST® protect GmbH offers you loading and discharge hoses from highly wear-resistant PUCEST® for each type of machines. Our loading and discharge hoses reach a multiple life time of original hoses from rubber due to:

  • very high mechanical strength
  • good abrasion resistance
  • high elasticity
  • resistance to moisture
  • resistance to oils and fats, mixer protection
  • low temperature sensitivity
  • very good weather resistance (doesn’t get porous)
Pucest protect GmbH Schläuche

Example of use

PUCEST Auslaufschlauch

A PUCEST® discharge hose after a wear life span of 100,000 m³

PUCEST Auslaufschlauch

A PUCEST® discharge hose: At this mixing plant a PUCEST® discharge hose was installed at the swivel arm for “self-collectors”.

PUCEST Auslaufschlauch mit Kragen

A PUCEST® discharge hose with collar. The collar serves as splash protection during the loading of p the transport mixer.

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