The PUCEST Plates

PUCEST wear plates can be used as liners, splash guards, skirts, scrapers, side guides and the like.

The standard sizes of the plates are:

2,000 x 1,000 mm
2.500 x 1.250 mm
3.000 x 1.500 mm

With a thickness of 3 – 300 mm each. Cut to size on customer’s request is possible.

Shore hardness (A) can be varied between 50-95° Shore. PUCEST wear plates can be manufactured to specification or drawing in any desired size and shape.

Example of use

PUCEST Verschleißplatte Anwendungsbeispiel 3

The metallic bright ground distribution bucket is first prepared for bonding by PUCEST contact. In this way, the panels, already prepared by means of templates, can be bonded to the walls.

PUCEST Verschleißplatte Anwendungsbeispiel 4

Joints and butt joints of the slabs are edged with adhesive tape for jointing and filled with PUCEST TIX.

PUCEST Verschleißplatte Anwendungsbeispiel 1

Here you can see the completely assembled lining (glued + filled). By filling the joints and corners, a completely closed, highly wear-resistant lining has been created.

Other interesting products

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PUCEST Tix was developed specifically for the repair of worn PUCEST wear protection systems. Conventional wear protection solutions ...