The PUCEST Belt Protector

Damping elements or sealing profile for conveyor belts

PUCEST Belt Protector damping elements for conveyor belts replace the conventional buffer roller stations. They protect the conveyor belt and at the same time prevent wear, as well as material falling off the belt.

They extend the service life of belts and conveyors in two ways:
First, the force of the material impact is absorbed by the elastic core of the beams, which is made in PUCEST 55° Shore (A). On the other hand, the belt is subjected to minimal friction due to the excellent sliding properties of the upper layer of the beams, which is made of PUCEST55° Shore (D).

Buffer roller stations can be replaced in just a few simple steps:
the fastening elements for the beams can simply be hooked into the holders of the buffer rollers. Complicated conversion measures at the feeding station are not required. Suitable for all standard support rollers.

Conversion example

Here you can see how the material falls off the belt due to defective or punctured rollers at the feed points.

PUCEST Belt Protectors were installed at the same location. The material remains on the belt at the feeding point.

PUCEST Belt Protector beams with T-slot steel rail are available from stock in the dimensions 1,220 x 100 x 50/75 mm, but can also be manufactured on request in any other length or as a sealing profile with 35mm height.

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