PUCEST Pocket panel and baffle plate

The standard size of the plates is 500 mm x 500 mm with a thickness of 50 mm. The shore hardness should be chosen by customer between A 50-95 °.

Baffl e plates can be quickly and easily installed using stay bolts on the back side.

This PUCEST® pocket panel works on a simple principle:
A portion of the conveyed material, which on the plate rebounds, accumulates in the chambers and thus assumes a buffer function. The wear effect is slowed signifi cantly this way. A further advantage of the baffl e plate is its elasticity. Coarse grained goods (for example gravel) does not
crack when collision.

The use of PUCEST® pocket panels with material buffer is recommended when using a grain size up to 32 mm.

The PUCEST® baffl e plate with step profi le is recommended when using a grain size >32 mm. When using profi le beams of the baffl e plate the most acute impact angles of the transported material are changed for the most part into a right angle whereby the abrasion (scraping) wear effect is being signifi cantly diminished. Baffl e plates achieve thereby excellent lifetimes.

Example of use

Examples of the PUCEST® pocket panels use with material buffers on set-up and transfer points.

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