PUCEST Mixer optimization

Common problems with pan-type mixer

  • insuffi cient mix results
  • long phase of emptying
  • material residues stay in the mixer
  • long mixing time/ longer charging time of transport
  • redundant mixing time wastes energy/current

Pan-type mixer problems „ blading“

  • severy set of mixing instruments requires many different models of blades and parts (depending on producer, mixer type and model year,
    these parts also differ from each with type, fi xing, function, wear performance)
  • often wrong blades can be installed
  • provisioning/ inventory control for many different parts requires costs and is expensive.
  • wrong ordering of blades, the mixture is turned more like „carrousel“, as it is mixed up

Wrong blades problems Material catch/(material buffer)

Concrete is pushed over in front of the blade. It saves the blade but does it in an improper way and grinds the plate

The solution – PUCEST Mixing instruments

… for almost every mixer, in almost every position

  • Successfully retooled mixers to PUCEST® mixing instruments
  • Right blade ordering
  • The mixing problem issues were solved. The mixture is mixed only in one direction.
  • Emptying and mixing time is shorted