PUCEST Self adhesive wear plate

With solvent-free adhesive layer

Fullyflxed bonding with wear-resistant PUCEST plates for sandblasting systems and bulk material conveyors

The adhesive plate consists of 3 layers

1. a protective film for the adhesive layer
2. solvent-free adhesive layer
3. PUCEST plate (wear layer)

Material finishes

Dimensions: 550 x 850 mm
Thickness: 3 – 20 mm
Shore hardness 25° – 90° Shore


Put an end to unplanned plant downtime and high downtime costs

Our innovative new development not only offers you first-class wear protection, but is also easy to process and handle. Depending on the size, the adhesive plates can be attached very easily. What do you have to do? Before mounting the plate, the base body must be prepared metal bright. After that, simply peel off the protective film piece by piece and you have a self-adhesive PU plate that can be easily and quickly attached to the pre-treated base body.


  • solvent-free bonding
  • quick and easy mounting/fixing to the base body
  • easy cutting by means of a cutter knife
  • good abrasion resistance
  • repairable by PUCEST TIX
  • long service life due to high wear resistance
  • temperature resistance up to 80°C
  • resistance to oils and greases
  • absolute UV and water resistance
  • can be disposed of with household waste without any problems

Full-surface bonding is so easy!

– Step by step –

Always prepare the base body with bare metal

1. if necessary, cut flexibly with the cutter knife and peel off the protective film.

2. lightly tap the upper part with the hammer.

3. Pull off the protective foil with your left hand and press it on with your right hand.

4. Repeat the process until the protective film has been removed and adheres evenly to the base body.

5. then go over the surface with a knurled roller.

6. continue gluing piece by piece until the entire surface is lined.

Example of use

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