The PUCEST Pipe-System

Advantages of the PUCEST Pipe system

  • short downtimes
  • good abrasion resistance
  • very good noise damping
  • high elasticity
  • easy installation
  • smooth material flow
  • production according to your wishes
  • UV resistant
  • resistance to oils and greases
  • high impact strength
  • repairable with PUCEST Tix at any time
  • very good sliding properties
  • very good weather resistance (does not become porous)
  • special designs are possible
Das PUCEST Pipe-System

Application example

Das PUCEST Pipe-System Anwendung

The PUCEST Pipe system consists of individual segments that can be installed quickly, professionally and tightly closed. The inner diameter at the narrowest point is 250mm. The nesting of the segments allows the material to pass through without any problems.