The PUCEST plate with perforated plate insert

Available types

  • Anti-stick (A Ha)
  • Anti-microbe
  • with steel, aluminum or stainless steel perforated plate with steel back or steel core
  • also as Magnopur version
Pucest protect GmbH Platte mit Einlage


PUCEST panels can be cut to shape with any jigsaw and thus screwed as a lining.

PUCEST Platte Bearbeitung
PUCEST Platte mit Lochblecheinlage Anwendung 1

Also a rolling, rolling or edging of the plates for the desired application purposes is no problem. For example, rolled segments for hoppers, shells for pipes, or edging for belt linings. The shaped lining plates are simply bolted to the base body.

Due to the screw connection, no bare metal cleaning of the plant part to be lined is necessary.


Pucest Platte mit Locheinlage 1

Place the PUCEST wear protection plate on the component.

Pucest Platte mit Locheinlage 2

Drill through PUCEST wear protection plate and component (hole diameter 8.5mm)

Pucest Platte mit Locheinlage 3

Screw through the PUCEST wear plate with the nut and washer held behind the component with countersunk hexagon socket screw M8.

Pucest Platte mit Locheinlage

Screw “disappears” into the PUCEST material, eliminating the need to plug or seal the joint to protect it from wear.

Assembly example

Here you can see the assembly of the lining of a hopper with PUCEST wear plates with perforated plate insert:

Trichterauskleidung aus vorgewalzten PUCEST Platten

The funnel segments were cut to size and laid ready.

Trichterauskleidung aus PUCEST Platten

The liner is clamped into the hopper.

Example of use

PUCEST Platte mit Lochblecheinlage Anwendung Förderband
PUCEST Platte mit Lochblecheinlage Anwendung 2
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