PUCEST easy cleaner

Automatic high pressure cleaning system for concrete – mixer


  • Compact design with completely galvanized housing components
  • Internal water tank – 380 liters or 190 liters capacity (depending on model)
  • System operates at 170 bar (2465 psi) working pressure.
  • For outdoor cleaning, equipped as standard with a high pressure lance and 18m hose for long reach.

Basic unit

The pumps, tanks and control panel are provided as a complete unit with a 6mm steel galvanized housing and access covers. Guides for lifting with a forklift are on the bottom of the chassis. Lifting lugs are provided on the top of the chassis.


  • approx. 4 minutes cleaning time (12 minutes with optional 1 pump/3 spray head system) less wear on the mixer
  • for all mixer brands
  • automatic high pressure cleaning integrated in production process
  • reduction of personnel costs by automation of cleaning
  • water savings due to exact spray geometry of the 3D nozzle systems
  • improvement of working conditions
  • increase of work safety


Each pump (11kW) delivers 30l/min. The pumps are connected for the spray heads via a manifold and high pressure hydraulic hoses.

Water tank
A 380 liter or 190 liter buffer water tank (model dependent) is complete with ball valve, mounted in the unit. The client water supply should match the total output of the pumps – (30 – 120 l/min, depending on the number of pumps). Drain valves are included in the pipe system, so that the water can be drained e.g. in case of danger of frost.

Control panel (control system)
Equipped with a control panel to control the pumps. Start and stop buttons are provided for manual operation, terminals for connection (connection) of a remote control, e.g. for automatic mixer control or lance control. The control panel is equipped with a key switch for switching from remote to local control.

The control panel has an ammeter display for each motor. The water tank is equipped with a sensor that ensures automatic shutdown of the pump motors when the water level is too low.

Spray heads
Spray heads in the cover of the mixer. The spray heads are equipped with 2 nozzles each on a rotating unit that provide complete cleaning in the horizontal and vertical planes. The rotation is fed and driven by miniature turbines inside the unit by the flow and pressure of the water and is oriented so that the complete washing cycle takes about 4 minutes (12 minutes with optional 1 pump/3 spray heads system). The water is brought to an operating pressure of 138 bar (2,000 psi), ensuring a series of high intensity spray bursts.

Lance for manual cleaning
Lance with hose (18m) for cleaning additional areas.

Attachment kit (optional)
Attachment kit for pneumatic drainage of all hoses and lines on the easy cleaner. For the prevention of frost damage. Optionally available for all models.

The delivery includes

  • Compact unit (dimensions see models)
  • Depending on model, 2 to 4 spray heads (2 nozzles per spray head)
  • Connecting hose (6 m)
  • Lance for manual cleaning (with 18 m connection hose)




Available models

EC43L (4 minutes cleaning cycle)
4 pumps/3 spray heads system with 380 liters water tank (recommended for pan mixers from 3 m³)
(dimensions:height 1890 mm, width 1250 mm, depth 1000 mm, weight 770 kg)

ECO (1 pump / 1 lance)
Only for lance operation

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