The PUCEST System impact bar

Variable arrangement of different system impact beams as module building blocks on guide rails, which can be screwed or welded as a complete assembly in the component.

The assemblies consist of module components, a base plate and a guide rail for the module components, which is screwed onto the base plate.

Pucest protect GmbH Systemprallbalken

The base plate can then be welded to the base body.

As a variant, the guide rail can be screwed to the base body without a base plate.


The system impact beams are supplied as a complete assembly with module building blocks, guide rail and base plate in any length.

The assemblies can be variably equipped with module components made of solid PUCEST 65° Shore material and with module components with a hard metal surface.

The module components with a hard metal surface can be arranged at points with the highest impact wear.

This also compensates for points with an unfavorable impact angle, which otherwise wear very quickly.

Replacement of individual impact bars

1. the installed PUCEST system impact beams

2. the module building blocks in use

3. the modules in worn condition

4. the worn module blocks are taken out

5. carbide module components can be used at the points of highest wear

6. the new carbide module components are installed